Action E

Project management and monitoring of the project progress (AUTH)

The main objective of the management of CROME-LIFE is to ensure that the project delivers, in terms of time, cost and quality the results to the European Commission. Effective management procedures and structures are essential to ensure the successful completion of the project, on time, within budget, and to the maximum possible benefit of the many users it is intended to serve.

To this aim we have foreseen different and clear levels of responsibility, decision-making mechanisms and co-ordination procedures that will underpin the project which represent our project management system.

AUTH will coordinate the technical and administrative aspects of the project as well as the scientific and financial ones. Total quality management principles will be followed to make sure that the project can come to a close ensuring high quality of the outcome with no or limited time delays and with cost-effective use of resources.

Project progress will be monitored by continuous evaluation of each ACTION progress. Therefore, each ACTION has a single Action-leader (AL). ALs are the main responsible for quality control and assurance of the task deliverables. They will summarise the overall project status and planning.

Each ACTION has an Action Leader,  while each Task of each Action is charged to one (or more) responsible partners. The partners have the responsibility of reporting to the Action Leader. Each partner-responsible for the implementation of a Task within the ACTION, will report to the Action Leader on the work progress with respect to the regularly up-dated detailed planning.

The expected results are:

  • Smooth project management
  • Financial management
  • A clear allocation of responsibilities among the beneficiaries, an efficient project working group.
  • For the overall financial management: an appropriate accounting system, carefully and timely overseen.
  • Completion of all deliverables according to project time plan.
  • For the scientific aspects: high quality of all final deliverables.
  • For the final technical project report: a technical report describing the full work of the project.-

By the above described means, the project is expected to be straightforward and timely managed, project actions will be successfully executed on schedule and within budget, and outputs will be delivered to the management in a timely fashion