Action D

Communication and dissemination actions (AUTH)

The main objectives of the communication and dissemination action are:

  • Transfer the outcomes (practices and technologies) of the project to the rest of the EU Member States. Special attention will be given to the new Member States.
  • Inform all stakeholders of the demonstration sites on the objectives of the project and its resulted benefits.
  • Promote the adopted practices and protocols to the key stakeholders.
  • Networking with other projects relevant to CROME-LIFE for information exchange

A number of channels of communication are foreseen to reach the above objectives including an “Opening” and a “Closing” event, for the presentation of the project to the local society and stakeholders; three interregional workshops in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Rome (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain); scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals; 10.000 leaflets in Slovenian, Italian, Spanish, English and Greek languages to be distributed during the project events; the CROME-LIFE public web site; technical newsletters; training activities for stakeholders and professionals

The expected results are:

Publicity of the project, public awareness locally, nationally and internationally, promotion of the transferability of the project adopted practices and technologies, exchange of scientific knowledge and experience.

More specifically they will include:

  • Project Website
  • Periodic electronic newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Leaflets, brochures and technical papers
  • Layman report
  • Workshops and Training
  • After-LIFE Communication plan
  • Establishment of a collaborative network with others project both funded frame of LIFE+ program and of R&D FP program. This collaboration will take the form of joint publications, organisation of joint events (workshops/scientific sessions in international conferences and symposia).
  • Interlinked database platform.