Action C1

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions (AUTH)

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed approach and of the actions concretely implemented in the different applications areas is a key aspect of the CROME-LIFE team’s vision. The CROME-LIFE team believes that the methods the project is based on have a robust and scientifically sound basis as they rely on data, analysis, and methodological approaches published in the peer-reviewed literature. For these reasons the CROME-LIFE partners have dedicated a particular attention in preparing a monitoring process, which will focus of the different impacts the project is expected to cause during its development and implementation.

The expected results are:

  • Effective monitoring of the impact of project actions through the degree of consensus of the methodology proposed among key stakeholders (local authorities and public body responsible for environment and health, scientists).
  • Identification of the main sources of exposure for the population and vulnerable groups in each demonstration area.
  • Identification of effective countermeasures to limit the impact on human health in the four demonstration areas.
  • At least 80% of the project stakeholders identified provide written agreement to the methodology developed in CROME. This can come as feedback from the workshops organised on site or from feedback obtained via the project web site.