Action B3

Targeted measurement campaigns to fill the data gaps (JSI)

The overall aim of this task is to carry out targeted measurement environmental and human biomonitoring (HBM) campaigns in the four demonstration areas in the Mediterranean coast aimed at the collection of the necessary data to fill the data gaps identified in Action B.2 (Data collection and management). In this way mutually compatible datasets for each demonstration site will be constructed allowing intercomparison and data pooling, a step necessary for establishing robust causal associations between environmental stressors and human health outcomes.

Specific objectives of these campaigns are to document the extent, the distribution, and the determinants of exposure to environmental pollutants; to document spatial and temporal differences in population exposure and to evaluate the respective body burden (as measured in urine and/or blood) as measured in local volunteers.

The data collected in the frame of the above campaigns will be compared and joined with already existing data collected in the frame of Action B.2  (Data collection and management) including large-scale population studies such the European PHIME and DEMOCOPHES projects and more local studies as in table 1 to support the development of environment wide associations between human exposure to environmental pollutants and health effects.

The expected results are

  • Optimal human biomonitoring study design to capture the health effects of exposure to environmental chemicals
  • Quantitative estimates of internal dose of the key pollutants (heavy metals and organic compounds) investigated in CROME-LIFE in the local population (both in terms of total population and targeted sub-groups)

Action B.3 encompasses two tasks dealing with the design and execution of the environmental and human biomonitoring campaigns.

Task 3.1 Environmental and HBM campaign design (JSI)


On the basis of the conclusions of Action B.2 (Data collection and management) regarding the completeness of the datasets available for environment-wide association studies in the four demonstration sites (Greece, Italy, Spain and Slovenia), environmental and biomonitoring measurement campaigns will be designed in order to fill the data gaps identified.

Task 3.2 Environmental and HBM campaigns execution (JSI)


Environmental pollution data will be enhanced by targeted campaigns, which will focus on the “hot spots” revealed from the residence of the individuals with the highest biomarker values. The latter will be derived after examination of the existing HBM data.

In addition a targeted human biomonitoring program will be conducted using commonly developed protocols, strategies, and tools ensuring reliable and comparable data. The guidelines, protocols and technical procedures developed by COPHES/DEMOCOPHES projects will be followed.