Action B2

Data collection and management (CSIC)

The objectives of this action are:

  • To collect and review existing datasets in the four demonstration sites including environmental variables, epidemiological data, human biomonitoring data, population density and population stratification according to educational and socio-economic status, age and gender and time-activity patterns.
  • To analyze the collated data in terms of collection method and data quality, availability, applicability domains.
  • To store the collated datasets within the same reference framework in order to render the data readily available for the environment-wide association studies (EWAS).


The expected results are:

  • Relational database with geo-referenced data of relevance to the project
  • Definition of quality assurance / quality control procedures – establishment of total quality management practices in the project

Action B.2 encompasses three tasks, focusing respectively on the collection, quality assessment and storing of datasets to be used as main input in the CROME-LIFE methodology.

Task 2.1: Data collection (CSIC)

The main aim is to collect, review and store datasets which will be used as main input in the application of the methodology developed. The data will be collected from literature review and from exchange of data with other relevant projects

Task 2.2: Quality Assessment / Quality Control (QA/QC) (JSI)

The data collected in the previous task will be evaluated against their quality and applicability through the activities foreseen in the frame of task 2.2.

Task 2.3: Data storage and management (AUTH)

After data collection (task 2.1) and quality control (task 2.2) the data will be stored in a coherent database for further use within the project.