Action B1

Development of methodological framework (AUTH)

The task aims at collecting and reviewing all necessary information for applying the methodology proposed. The data will be analyzed in terms of completeness and quality to ensure that the project itself operates in a coherent and integrated way and that the methodology developed and applied in the project provides relevant, reliable and meaningful information.

Specific aims include:

  • To review state of the art knowledge on integrated exposure and health assessment studies regarding acute/chronic exposure to neurotoxic and carcinogenic substances To provide close and active collaboration with other relevant activities and projects in the area, in order to share expertise, technologies, and data;
  • To develop the methodological framework for guiding the project implementation in the subsequent Actions, including data enhancement, quality assurance and control, exposure and physiology-based modeling, bioinformatics methods for data interpretation and linkage between environmental exposure and health effects.

The expected results are:

  • Review on the state of art on current methodologies to link environmental monitoring, human biomonitoring and health observation
  • CROME-LIFE methodological and implementation framework for integrating environmental monitoring, human biomonitoring and health observation in the selected demonstration sites

Action B.1 is divided into two inter-related tasks, focusing respectively on the current knowledge and methodology and on methodological framework development.

Task 1.1: Review of knowledge on the state of the art and on methodology (AUTH)


The objectives of Task 1.1 are:

  • to ensure that the work of CROME-LIFE matches the needs of local users and stakeholders;
  • to ensure an active channel of communication with, and participation of, experts from related projects, and with users in the policy, science and public domains;

Task 1.2: Development of methodological framework (AUTH)


The objectives of Task 1.2 are:

  • To develop the detailed methodology for linking environmental monitoring, human biomonitoring and health monitoring data in order to derive environment-wide associations between environmental contaminants and human health.
  • To set the framework of implementation of this methodology in real applications in Europe in order to test and validate it