Associated Action Deliverable Title Deliverable Date Status
B1 Report on the state of the art on integrated exposure and health assessment for exposure to carcinogens and neurodevelopmental disorders substances and recommendations for further development 30 September Finished
D1 Leaflets in Greek 30 September Finished
D1 Opening event in Thessaloniki and associated scientific workshop 30 September Finished
E1 Consortium agreement 30 September Finished
E1 Guidance document on green procurement according with the EC Green Procurement Principles 30 September Finished
D1 Web-portal 31 December Finished
B1 Methodology report outlining the ways to link environmental, human biomonitoring and health status data to derive environment-wide association and integrated health impact assessment 31 December Finished



Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Deliverable Date Status
E1 Inception report 31 March Finished
B2 Total quality management (quality control/quality assurance) protocol 30 June Finished
B2 Relational database populated with geo-referenced data of relevance to the project 30 June Finished
D1 Leaflets in Slovenian, Spanish, Italian and English 30 June Finished
B3 Concept document on HBM and environmental campaign design 30 September Finished
B3 Communication plan of the human biomonitoring campaign results 30 September Finished



Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Deliverable Date Status
E1 Midterm report 31 March Finished
E1 First Financial report 31 March Planned
B3 Technical report summarizing the findings of the environmental measurement and HBM campaigns 30 June Finished
B5 Technical report detailing population exposure patterns reconstruction derived applying backward approach (reverse modelling) 31 December Finished
D1 Report on the first Interregional Workshop in Ljubljana 31 December Finished
B4 Technical report on exposure (external and internal) modeling framework applied to the demonstrations sites 31 December Finished
31 December Planned



Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Deliverable Date Status
D1 Report on the second Interregional Workshop in Rome 29 February Finished
B4 Technical report detailing reverse dosimetry methodology for exposure reconstruction 31 March Finished
B5 Technical report on quantitative health impact assessment (cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders) 31 March Finished
D1 Report on the third Interregional Workshop in Barcelona 30 April Finished
E1 Progress report with the results from the project’s monitoring and evaluation activity 30 June Planned
B6 A national report in English and in the four national official languages including recommendations for policy makers 30 September Finished
C1 Report on the main sources of exposure for the population and vulnerable groups and identification of effective countermeasures to limit the impact on human health in each demonstration area 30 September Finished
C2 Report on the socio-economic impact of the project actions on the local economy and population 30 September Finished
D1 Closing event in Athens 30 September Finished
D1 Database portal allowing direct consultation of the project datasets by the principal investigators/coordinators of the scientific network established 30 September Finished
D1 Synthesis report of project technical publications 30 September Planned
D1 Layman’s Report 31 December Finished
D1 After LIFE Communication plan 31 December Finished
E1 Second Financial report 31 December Planned
E1 Audit report 31 December Planned



Deliverable Number Deliverable Title Deliverable Date Status
E1 Final Report 31 March Finished